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Captivating stories that encourage personal growth, inspire hope and bring immeasurable comfort.

Artist/Author, Michelle Rathore, was able to see and hear Spirit from childhood. Hearing voices, seeing Spirits and dreams that came true were a part of every day life for her. It wasn't until she saw her sister's death two weeks before it happened that Michelle really decided it was time to pay attention and gain some sort of understanding of her gifts and how they might help others or prevent a further tragedy from happening.

She watched her Dad die from 5000 miles away and urged her family to not turn off his life support as she 'knew' he would be coming back. She told of where he was and who he was with in 'Heaven' only to have her Dad indeed come back and tell the same story Michelle had already told them hours earlier via telephone from England. A year later the photo on the cover of the book was taken with her sleeping Dad.

Story after amazing story of how Spirit can and will interact with us on a daily basis if we will only pay attention and listen.

A tap on your hand in the middle of the night may not be one of your OWN children. Find out what a Spirit child woke her up for.

Read about what she heard on the the baby monitor in the twins room and what she saw one baby doing when she went to their room at 2am.  It was like something out of a Spielberg movie!

An instruction from Spirit one morning telling Michelle, "You will be working with Seven Sacred Symbols." found Michelle painting for the next 10 months information which came through from the Spirit world via Ascended Masters and Angels.

Other stories include, Mother Mary, America's Most Wanted, Across the miles, Kitchen Helper, Angel Ice Cream, Spirit Doctors, The One Eyed Girl, The Seven Sacred Symbol Assignment - 21 stories in all. All true stores - some she wishes weren't!

Come along and see how close spirit are to us each day and how they will work with us if we reach out to them.

"The book "Spirit Nudges" is a great collection of stories narrated by author and artist Michelle Rathore. As she shares with you the colorful depictions of her own experiences in the world of spirit, there are many pictures painted of what is actually occurring all around us from beyond the veil. I invite you to sit with the story teller and enjoy the colors of her palette, as we glimpse with her into the occurrences of the spiritual world as it dances with everyday reality."
Bill Foss
Author – ‘The Secrets of Spiritual Success’
California, USA

"Your book keeps making me cry, and smile. You are a great story and very intriguing! This is the first book I have ever been interested in enough to finish all of it!"
L. Sabulsky - Colorado, USA


Michelle said, "A life spent working with Spirit has taught me one thing, when Spirit talks - I listen!"

If you buy one book this year - this is the one.  We are never alone and Michelle will tell you why she knows that is a fact.  You may soon notice your very own Spirit Nudges.


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Captivating stories that encourage personal growth, inspire hope and bring immeasurable comfort.